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    Here's Dave on the Ride Out morning, getting the obligatory blessing from one of the ALC angels. He's looking pretty fresh also. He lost his lower legs in a car accident and did the entire ride propelling himself using only his upper body. Because of his slower speed he could never take very long at the rest stops; sometimes he couldn't even stop for meals and people would collect food for him and pass it to him on the road. He never had to be picked up by the Support vehicles and never complained. No matter how hard it was for us, all we had to do is see Dave on the road and know that we had it easy.

    And here's one-half of Team Loud! Feeling just a bit queasy from that Double Shot while trying to listen to the speeches before the official Ride Out. Is there time to hit the toilets, one more time? Is it worth it, getting my cleats all covered with more mud and grass and trying to navigate the slippery floors? Was that a fart or…something more? You can tell that this was a warm dawn for San Francisco because I've got on fingerless gloves.



  And here's the other half of the Team, off the side of the road in a culvert, trying to imagine she's invisible. This is after the long climb up Skyline Drive , and the downhill out towards the ocean is a glorious relief. We're on the road at last, made the first big climb, escaped the City without accident, and peeing on the side of the pavement. Life is good.






    Still feeling pretty fresh, a good hour before lunch, heading out to the coast. “Hey horse! Get a bike!”

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