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AIDS RIDE JOURNAL 2005 - | Donate Here

....but first, a word from the riders:


  ·           One week lodging at Casa Chepito, our house in the Mexican resort town San  Miguel de Allende: $385 premium ($585 value—airfare/food not included). Please click
(HERE) for a tour of the house.

·         Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win a week at Casa Chepito. $50 premium.

·         For all you punks out there, an original b/w 11x14” photograph of  vintage punk rockers from Ann's extensive work of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s scene, as published in books such as California Hardcore, and We've got the Neutron Bomb;  magazines from the New York Rocker to Rolling Stone;  and exhibited at Track 16 and elsewhere nationally. $200 premium.

·         Chef Jeff will cook a dream meal at your home. 6 people maximum, you buy ingredients. $150 premium. Thai, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Californian, pan-Asian fusion.

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